Welcome to the website of the Scottish Airway Group (SAG)

The society was founded in 2011  to promote safe and effective airway management through clinical networking, education, audit and research. Whilst SAG is still a young society, its current members have considerable experience, expertise and enthusiasm in airway management and training.

Society Aims

•  To create a network of anaesthetists interested in improving the safety and quality of airway management
•  To promote education in airway management
•  To disseminate information on a variety of aspects of airway management to anaesthetists
•  To contribute to the scientific development of airway management by facilitating research, audit and discussion

Society Membership

Full membership of the society is free and is open to anaesthetists, critical care and emergency medicine doctors of all grades. Associate membership is also available for non-medically qualified persons involved in airway management such as Operating Department Practitioners, Nursing staff, Critical Care Practitioners and Anaesthetic Practitioners.
If you wish to apply for membership, please visit the Membership page or click here.